Richmond Christian School administers the Measures of Academic Progress Test as its primary measure of student growth and achievement. Beginning Fall 2012, this test will be administered in grades K-11. Test results are shared with parents and utilized by school personnel to both evaluate curriculum and serve individual students.

Parents interested in more information regarding MAP Testing may access the MAP Basics Overview and the Parent Toolkit:MAP Basics Overview

Parent Toolkit

In addition to these tests, high school students have the opportunity to take college board testing (PSAT, SAT, and ACT) on and off campus. The ASVAB test, which evaluates career aptitude, is also administered to all juniors annually. The Guidance Office at RCS is striving to further expand both in the areas of testing and career exploration. Standardized testing at Richmond Christian School exists for the purpose of monitoring student performance, evaluating curriculum strengths and weaknesses, individualizing instructional strategies, and preparing students to seek advanced degrees. It is one tool available to RCS to strive towards excellence as we educate students.