It is the goal of Richmond Christian School to provide excellence in academic instruction across all grade levels. The core subjects taught in the middle school grades (7th & 8th) include Literature, Writing & Grammar, Math (including Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1), Bible, History, Science, and Physical Education. Additional electives offer middle school students the opportunity for instruction in areas including Creative Writing, Debate, Personal Finance, Art, Music, First Aid/CPR, Keyboarding, Latin, Spanish, Study Skills, World Cultures, Physics, Fishing, and Bible Study.

At the high school level, students complete core areas of study in the areas of English, Math, Bible, History, Science, Foreign Language, and Physical Education/Health according to their graduation track requirements. Richmond Christian offers both a standard and advanced diploma. Students in the high school have the opportunity to choose elective study in many areas including Music, Art, Drama, Public Speaking, Personal Finance, SAT Preparation, Yearbook, Psychology, and Computer Technology, as well as electives within many core subject areas. Richmond Christian School also offers 12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

It is the goal of Richmond Christian School to prepare our students to follow the Lord’s calling on their lives and to equip our graduates to go on to earn advanced degrees. The provision of excellence in academics, coupled with the building of a strong spiritual foundation, is viewed as critical to that goal.