Welcome to the Richmond Christian School Online Tour and Virtual Experience

As you consider the school that is right for your family, we invite you see the RCS difference through this step-by-step guide. This process will help you understand the mission and educational philosophy of the school as well as find answers to the most important questions you have. If, after this process, you believe our school could be a fit for your family, we invite you apply for enrollment. Everything you need can be found right here.

Step 1: See the Educational Experience and Opportunities of Richmond Christian School

Watch this video to learn how your student can grow academically, relationally, spiritually, and athletically by becoming part of the RCS family.

    • Click here to see the Richmond Christian School Difference.
Step 2: Take a Virtual Tour of the School

See this video taking you around the campus to see the opportunities that await your family.

    • Click here to Virtually Tour the School.
Step 3: Learn More About the Unique Elementary and Secondary School Educational Philosophies

Want to get specific answers to the most critical questions important to your family in this process? Hear from important leaders as they speak about the vision of the school, student life and leadership opportunities, parent involvement, the qualifications of our educational staff, our intentional curriculum, and the thriving extra-curricular opportunities offered by RCS. Please select the video that corresponds to your student’s age.

    • Click here to learn more about Elementary Education.
    • Click here to learn more about Secondary Education.
Step 4: Hear from Existing RCS Families

You do not have to take our word alone about the amazing educational, relational, spiritual, and extra-curricular opportunities available to you at Richmond Christian School. Whether this is your first time considering a private school Christian education or not, you will enjoy hearing from parents just like you who have made the step to partner with us. We have a valued body of students from diverse educational backgrounds, and we aim to make the transition as easy as possible for you as you are introduced to other families in this life season.

Step 5: Get a Closer Look Through an In-Person Tour

Contact us here to setup 30-45 minute on-campus tour with one of our staff members. On this tour you will see the campus, meet the student body and staff, hear more about the application process, and see how Richmond Christian School can help your family navigate these educational years and beyond. Please call Julie Houser at 804-276-3193 to schedule an in-person tour.

Step 6: Make an Appointment at One of Our Open Houses

Want to spend a little more time asking questions and hearing from specific teachers in certain grades or over certain subjects? Schedule a 30-minute appointment at one of our Open Houses. You will be personally escorted through the school on a personalized tour and experience dedicated time with the teachers who will partner with you in your child’s educational experience.

Step 7: Application Process: Ready to Apply?

If you are ready to apply for enrollment in the school? We have an application packet needed to begin the process. The paperwork will need to be completed and an application fee paid prior to scheduling a family interview and student testing. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

    • Step 1: Contact the front office (Julie Houser) to declare your intent to enroll and receive the application packet.
    • Step 2: Read our mission statement, admission standards, educational philosophy, and review the educational costs.
    • Step 3: Application fees and paperwork turned in, including immunization records, birth certificate, and other necessary paperwork. This process will be assisted by our front office for your convenience.
    • Step 4: Your file is reviewed and a family interview, involving parent(s) and student(s), will be scheduled with an administrator. This interview will also include testing for appropriate placement.
    • Step 5: If your student is admitted, a financial appointment will be scheduled with the business manager to establish payment plans and complete the financial agreement.

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