Financial Aid

Richmond Christian School offers need-based financial aid. No athletic based financial aid is provided.

Institutional Aid is managed by FACTS Tuition Aid Service. Families seeking financial tuition assistance should visit the FACTS Tuition Aid Website to register and apply. There is a $40 application fee for applying through FACTS. Families who qualify will be funded through capped allocations in the school’s budget and Education Foundation. Aid awards are available as funds are available. RCS strives to keep it’s tuition low and as such provides a limited amount of financial assistance. Click here to visit the FACTS Tuition Aid Website.

The first financial aid application deadline is April 1.

The final deadline for financial assistance applications is July 1. Applications submitted before the July 1 deadline will be considered and awarded as funds are available.

Students receiving aid must reapply on an annual basis. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Business Manager.

Need-based financial aid applications are available to all RCS families. To be eligible for consideration, a new family must already be accepted to Richmond Christian School. Applications made prior to acceptance will not be considered until after the application process is completed.